dolphin314etc asked:

Is the Tea Party a Manifestation of the Short Attention Span Syndrome?

People’s attention spans seem to be getting shorter. Advertisers know this. Movie makers know it. Authors and journalists know it.

Politicians seem to be catching on too.

Is that why the Tea Party exists?

With the Tea Party you don’t have to really say anything, or think about anything.

It’s all bumper stickers — Taxes are bad — let’s get rid of them.

Government is too big — let’s just have what the Consitution directly describes and get rid of the rest.

Property is good — let’s give property owners absolute authority over their property.

Taxes are bad, let’s have no taxes or very low taxes, or more tax reduction bills.

Total thinking for all thse bumper stickers — almost zero.

Total time to read them — almost zero.

Total deliberation about what they might mean or imply as a practical matter — almost zero.

We now live in tweet world.

Whatever is not tweet sized, we are just not ready for.

Along comes the Tea Party with the convenient product — a political ideology one can adopt in less than 15 seconds, based on 15 seconds worth of reading, and 10 seconds worth of reflection.

We’ve seen the One Minute Manager — well now we have the One Minute Voter.

They could call themselves the Minutemen.

Why are most Americans so turned off the politics that most of them don’t have more than a minute to give to it?

Here’s why — Washington does not deliver.

There are too few people in the USA who have ever gotten any benefit from the Federal government.

Federal programs do not work. They are ratholes sucking down hundreds of billion so dollars, like the VA, and delivering exactly nothing to anybody.

HUD, HEW, Department of Education, DHS, DOE, FDIC, VA, — the list of dysfunctional Agencies goes on and on. The total delivery of all these agencies to any Americans is zero or almost zero.

People don’t have more than 1 minute to think about government — because it plays no useful role in their lives — it does nothing for them.

Obama has 40 million hard core voters — because every single one of them gets a check from the government — they suck on the tap, the lovely cash comes out for them, so they have much more than 1 minute to spend on politics.

But this is a nation of 310 million people, so they are about 18% of it. The rest don’t get anything from government. So the rest have a minute or less to think about politics. So now arrives the all bumper stickers party. The Tea Party.

Simple is good. If you are dealing with simple-minded people, simple is your only option. It is the Clear Channel that gets through.

Zazista asked:

Than why does the republican party and its members have such an invested interest in it succeeding.

Sarah Palin, Michael Steele, Mitchell Malkins, Sean Hannity, Glen Beck, Ann Coulter, Mitt Romney, John McCain, etc.. etc… etc..

Why does the KKK, Birthers, Neo-Nazi, MInutemen, promote them.

Why do white suppremest sites like Stormfront, and others promote and support them.

Why does Fox News, Washington post, Realpolitics promote and support them them.

What can the republican party possibly be trying to do other than to destroy the credibility of those in office who are democrats, and garnish votes from the visceral crowd to win seats?

Tell me republicans what is your plight? Really LOL
You know it is easier to influence people in a group than it is to influence them as individual. And you want to ride that horse home on election day. The problem is, you are going to just be getting the votes you already had last election. And lose some who have gotten disgusted with your party.
You know it is easier to influence people in a group than it is to influence them as individual. And you want to ride that horse home on election day. The problem is, you are going to just be getting the votes you already had last election. And lose some who have gotten disgusted with your party.


are changing and that Republicans and white supremacists groups cannot stop it by forming groups (Minutemen, Tea Party), or by passing laws (Arizona immigration).

America will undeniably be transformed by an unstoppable force called “ATTRITION”. This force works very slowly and it is happening in America now as Millions upon Millions of legal Mexican Americans (first, second, third, plus generations), Mexican legal immigrants and illegal Mexican immigrants are multiplying faster than any other race or group in America. All people being born are decedents of Mexico but are Americans and are becoming more educated as we see communities grow in majority of Mexican Americans and the people in those communities vote in to public offices candidates of their own group.

So what happens is that White Americans are stricken with fear and they are trying to act out, but it is inevitably too late.

Why so Much fear that they have to form Groups and Pass laws? Because all these Americans of Mexican descent will soon outnumber White Americans and that means they will vote in candidates of their own Group and White Americans will no longer have a voice.

But White Americans should not fear change for America is not and will never become Mexico because Mexicans and Mexicans Americans are two very different groups.

Mexican Americans will like any other American defend America and its constitution, and they might be the ones brave enough to finally end illegal immigration and better relations with Mexico. get it? I hope so……………….

elizabeth (17 baby) asked:

in the american revolution
tea act
intolerable acts
britains attempt to crush rebellion
1st continental congress
and the boston tea party

which one of these could be a cause in a effect
because this essay i have to right doesnt make since to me can you please help

When it comes to preventing cancer at its paths, constructing tremendous walls of antioxidants inside your own body can be the among the greatest things you can do. Antioxidants chiefly target cancer-causing free radicals and the more of it you have, the better. Astaxanthin is a great antioxidant to have in the human body because it’s considered the most powerful antioxidant nature has to offer. It is good to realize that there are numerous benefits of astaxanthin and it really is not even worse and antioxidants.

As a carotenoid, astaxanthin is an all-natural substance found in sea creatures including lobsters, crabs, shrimps, and salmon. This pigment is responsible for giving these creatures their different flesh pink color. Salmon is on the highest part of the list with the highest concentration. This explains how salmon is not unable to have the endurance that is needed to swim upstream. Even the renowned Dr. Oz has been impressed by this antioxidant and featured it in his show.

The majority of medical benefits of astaxanthin is about its anti inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Clinical trials suggest that athletes who incorporated astaxanthin in their system experienced endurance and enhanced muscle performance. This is as well as the speedy healing times after performing strenuous physical activities. For inflammation, this antioxidant can be successful in relieving carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow, joint pain, and arthritis.

Supplementing with astaxanthin can also do wonders for the eye health by boosting visual acuity. In a recent study they discovered this antioxidant is able minimize eye strain and to reduce feeling that was bleary eyed. It is better when compared with other vitamins also – it’s 6,000 times more potent than Vitamin C and 550 times more powerful than Vitamin E. Even smokers and obese people can get some well-being redemption with the assistance of this antioxidant.

Included in astaxanthin’s health benefits is the fact that it is a wonderful protector of a person’s cardiovascular health. Bad cholesterol is LDL cholesterol and it is one among the chief offenders of many cardiovascular diseases. With astaxanthin supplementation, cholesterol that is bad assist in preventing cardiovascular diseases and will have a hard time clogging your arteries.

With sufficient astaxanthin in your system, you may be shielded against the harmful UV rays of sunlight. Studies happen to be done on surfers and it reveals that those have sunburn that was less in their own skin. Slowing down somebody’s aging process is also possible with help of antioxidants for example astaxanthin and helps you to be several years younger while also moisturizing your skin, reducing wrinkles, and getting back its radiant glow.

Having a strengthened immune system is likewise one of the numerous health benefits of astaxanthin you could look forward to. If you are worried about degenerative diseases like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s, astaxanthin supplementation can help to keep you away from these.

To completely recognize the health benefits of astaxanthin, it is necessary that you just begin taking it for a supplement. You can achieve this in addition to consistently especially the Wild Pacific salmon, consuming salmon or the Sockeye salmon that has the highest levels of astaxanthin. Take note that the effective dosage for this particular antioxidant is 40mg, and that is something that is why you must take nutritional supplements also and that salmon consumption alone can not provide.

Perhaps you have heard of dyslexia? Previously it was believed that dyslexia meant mental issues and major disabilities. Now folks are starting to understand that there are great reading intervention systems for children to help them through the rough stuff of learning how to read. Dyslexia can be overcome so that kids will never have to worry about being called names, although it really is a challenge in addition to the kid. Do you want to help your child become a reader that is great with dyslexia symptoms?

Dyslexia is a problem for children because it interferes with the way they perceive the words in front of them. A significant part reading is understanding letters and their individual sounds along with groups and how they sound together. Dyslexia can make this difficult. Phonics might be the biggest help for dyslexic kids because it focuses on recognition of word parts as a whole and grouped letter sounds. In addition, it concentrates on the specific meaning of the words when reading something a novel that they will see most commonly.

Dyslexia happens when a child’s brain functions and develops distinct from others in their age group. It doesn’t mean they have a lack of desire to read. It simply ensures that the letters and their individual sounds do not make sense to the kid that is dyslexic. It is not curable but it can be improved with help from great reading intervention programs for kids like others in their age.

More than just reading ability affects. The way the kid spells and speaks can be impacted by it. That is why there is so much value placed on reading intervention programs that are great for kids who have dyslexia. The learning process will start with letters and sounds. Once mastered, they’re going to subsequently study groups of letters and sounds. It’ll be worth every penny when kids do succeed.

Imagine seeing an "M" and believing it is a "W". That is what a child may deal with when kids are dyslexic. But this isn’t the only thing that they might need to address. Seeing backward or upside down is just one symptom which is not impossible with dyslexia. Their math abilities can affect because mathematical symbols may confound them. Phonics can help although it will likely have to be an intense reading intervention to get the kid to the point that they comprehend all of it fully and can read a book.

You should know the signs of dyslexia. It is important for your child to learn that they can be helped by you. The hints of dyslexia may include warning signs such as, writing backward letters and difficulty understanding words that they read. The sooner that you understand there’s a problem and the earlier you seek help for your child the better off they’ll be. That’s why it’s recommended that you simply seek help before they reach the fifth grade. Great reading intervention programs for children can help them more easy if you start educating them to beat their issues early. Are you prepared to help your child read?

Adults and older children who’ve misdiagnosed also can reap the benefits of a new analysis that’s precise. Increasingly more research will be done in regards to dyslexia and everyone can appreciate a great book and understanding words they read. The reading intervention plan will still begin with the fundamentals first and you could learn to read if you’d like to get it done. There is hope for you and giving up does not have to be your only accurate alternative.

Comprehending the written word and curling up with a good novel is part of life’s little extravagances and, until now, a dyslexic child would miss out on this simple delight. If you are prepared to help ensure your youngster is a part of one of the good reading intervention programs for kids, they will thank you every single time you see them successfully reading a novel and comprehending the words that they see on that page. Kids who have dyslexia will discover success and delight where there was once problem and embarrassment.

Turmeric has obtained a great deal of popularity in the kitchen like a spice, but do you realize that it is among the absolute most sought-after plants for use being a natural medicine? Numerous studies have been done to learn more about the health benefits of turmeric and it’s been shown successful in taking out inflammation – a major cause of many types of disorders and health issues.

It truly is created when the roots of the plant are pulled and processed. Due to the properties of curcumin, redness – related health concerns like arthritis can efficiently be relieved. It works by blocking the enzymes which cause arthritis related pains.

Since curcumin is also a sort of antioxidant, it could effectively fight from the cancer-causing free radicals within the body. Free radicals are believed to be byproducts of the natural metabolic process of cells while in your human anatomy. Having too much of the molecules can be quite a problem since they’re able to harm healthy cells. Free radicals are in charge of a broad variety of diseases, tissue damage, and the aging process.

Enhanced cardiovascular wellness is also, among the many turmeric benefits. The curcumin might help to significantly trim the buildup of plaque within the arteries which cause atherosclerosis. It truly is also called a successful blood thinner which then helps blood clots from occurring. Blood clots can lead to cardiovascular issues like heart attack, stroke, and thrombosis.

Research has proven the curcumin in turmeric can likewise help cut the possibilities of getting Alzheimer’s disease by keeping the mind from accumulating a protein referred to as amyloid. In accordance with data, there is a lower number of older persons with Alzheimer disease in India as compared with those from the United States. This may potentially be due with their regular consumption of curcumin-rich curry dishes.

Turmeric extract can be helpful in promoting skin health due to its curcumin content. Curcumin functions as an all-natural antiseptic and has excellent antibacterial properties which make it excellent for faster wound healing and avoidance of infection. In addition, it has anti fungal and anti viral properties which may function well with a multitude of skin issues such as ringworm, psoriasis, and eczema.

Medical great things about turmeric for the digestive are also plenty. Its curcumin content can help protect the liver and gallbladder by ensuring the efficient creation and excretion of bile. This then enables the body to digest fats better and reduce the formation of gall stones. Using turmeric supplements will help minimize inflammation brought on by diarrhea, irritable bowel syndrome, and colitis.

You need to have the ability to realize every one of the benefits of turmeric in the event you begin taking it on an usual basis. There are many turmeric supplements sold available in the market now and you should know the best way to spot a good product. Ensure you find an item that has a top percent of curcumin, made with organic ingredients, no additives or fillers, and has great reviews from consumers.

Whether you are a Singapore resident or a small company owner operating from Singapore, you are going to need to possess Singapore storage at some time. Real estate in Singapore is valuable, making both living space and office space quite limited. At Some Point, you will require space for storing belongings you aren’t yet prepared to dispose of. Having storage room will even be good for stashing inventories and stocks for your personal business.

The question, nevertheless, is this: How will you select the very best Singapore storage space? The first step you must take to answer this question would be to take a detailed look at your storage requirements. Do you know the items that you will probably be storing away? Are they fragile? Do they will have some monetary value? Do these products need special handling? You must be able when you are selecting among the feasible storage facilities you happen to be looking to answer these questions at. The storage facility you choose has to manage to address your entire requirements.

You should then take a look in the grade of their facilities, once you’ve made a short set of the Singapore storage facilities that fulfill your requirements. Are the storage compartments well and clean – maintained? Does the storage company possess personnel set up and a reliable security system? If the items you’re going to be storing have monetary value or only sentimental value, it’s quite imperative that you will also feel secure in leaving them within your chosen storage facility.

Once you have ascertained that the Singapore storage you are considering meets your requirements fully, you need to then have a look at the sort of reputation the storage company has. The means to do this will search on the internet for reviews to the business. It is common to find out a negative review or two; after all, businesses cannot ever please everyone, however good their services are. But you ought to move on and pick another storage provider, if these negative reviews are too many or too serious for the comfort.

Maybe you would fare better in your search for a reputable Singapore storage facility if you ask your relatives, friends or co – workers for suggestions. If real people just like a specific service, they’re going to speak about it and word of the service will spread.

You need to decide on a budget because of this endeavor. And then, you have to select a storage facility that delivers supreme quality service for the price accorded by your budget. Do not always pick the least expensive provider you discover, though. All things considered, you always get what you paid for.

As you will need extra space for storage at some time, a resident or company owner in Singapore. You must always be mindful in choosing the storage facility you’ll conduct business with. When selecting Singapore storage always go for quality.

For many, having a cup of coffee in the morning is really a way to jump-start their day, but did you know that there’s a sort of coffee that may likewise assist you lose weight? If you simply take coffee beans which haven’t been roasted, what you get is green coffee beans. Green coffee bean extract has received much popularity as a diet supplement after it was mentioned by Dr. Mehmet Oz in his own show.

It also results in the chlorogenic acid to be lowered significantly, or even entirely ruined, as the roasting process found in coffee beans takes out its bitter flavor. There have been a significant variety of scientific tests conducted on green coffee and all of these caused decrease of fat and body weight.

You are going to manage to find many weight-loss supplements in the market} which were produced with green coffee bean extract. Make certain that you just see either GCA (green coffee antioxidant) or Svetol listed within the label, before you purchase a supplement.

Another important thing is that the supplement should include at least 45% chlorogenic acid. Anything below 45% may not be that effective for weight loss. It’s also advisable to pay attention to the dosage, which can be anywhere from 200mg to 800mg per serving. Based on the analysis conducted by the Doctor. Oz investigation team, the suggested was 400mg and taken three times each day.

Ensure to look over the record of ingredients, when selecting a weight-loss supplement made with green coffee extract. Avoid any merchandise that will not provide an ingredients list. There shouldn’t be any suggestion of fillers or artificial components in the label. If you find any ingredients in the list that seem odd or look away, it may be wise to phone or email the maker and ask about doing it.

To decrease danger, usually buy from a reputable brand, particularly the ones that have been in the company for quite some time. Their product needs to have really good critiques and comments from consumers. It is constantly a great thought to do some analysis on different brands and take note of the characteristics, cost, and reviews and then make an informed decision will work best with your scenario.

As for the negative effects, supplements made out of green coffee-bean extract are supposed to be secure and clear of just about any side effects. However, it’s still important to consider that while its caffeine content might not be significant, taking it in big doses can cause some health conditions. Taking diet supplements similar to this is normally not recommended for pregnant women or those with serious health problems.

Another thing to keep in mind before you purchase any green coffee-bean extract is because there’s still no substitute to having a balanced diet and suitable exercise when you want to achieve ideal weight reduction. Diet supplements such as this can really work, and you would be able to acquire results faster if you’re consuming less calories in relation to the number you happen to be burning once you workout.

When we speak about having your own website setup, having your own domain is imperative. As with every business venture, bringing in great investments is vital and your domain will make up a substantial aspect of your online commerce. If you are planning to go forward with the domain registration process, you’ll need to deal with domain registrars authorized by the Internet Corporation on Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). You can register domain name for your internet business by selecting a unique name and then going to a domain registrar’s internet site to ascertain if the name you have chosen may still be registered.

A decent domain name is normally one that is keyword-rich and this is among the techniques for effective web-based undertakings – one of the best ways to achieve this is by finding a dependable keyword research program. If you are a looking to hunt for information on the web, it is very likely that the internet sites you will go to are the ones in the top ranks of search engines and this is exactly what many web pages make an effort to obtain. The entire process of getting your webpage to the top listings of search engines is referred to as SEO (search engine optimization) and using keyword-rich names is a well-known SEO strategy. Most commonly it is a good plan to consider a short but descriptive domain name which will help people remember your website.

Domain extensions or TLD’s (top-level domains) are a important component of your domain name and the most popular are .com, .net, .org, and .biz. When deciding on a TLD, it could be far better to pick the most widespread extensions. Only if the key TLD’s are not obtainable must you resort to the other domain extensions. Upon selection of an appropriate TLD, you should not holdback in registering it regardless if you have already setup a webpage or not. It is not unusual for domain names to be available one minute and be traded the next, thus you ought to be quick to act in purchasing your spot on the web.

There is generally a nominal cost of approximately $10 if you opt to register domain name for your firm. You need to then renew your registration immediately after 12 months to be able to take advantage of the liberties of your domain. There are also choices to register for an extended period and this may be crucial should your online business demonstrates some sign of advancement. You have to bear in mind to register the domain under your name simply because you’ll never know what complications await if it is registered under another individual. It’s also a smart idea to become acquainted with the background of the domain registrar you will end up working with before carrying on with the registration process.

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